Sunday, June 5, 2011

Date Night

Mother-in-law was so nice to babysit Kaitlyn on Saturday night while hubby and I went out for a date. What seems like an almost-routine activity pre-Kaitlyn is now what we call luxury. Ever since Kaitlyn was born, hubby and I only went out for dates twice. Yes, only twice in five months. I am not complaining though as I love my daughter to pieces, but it would be nicer if hubby and I could spend more alone time together.  

BCBG Dress, Roberto Vianni Pump

We tried out this new restaurant in Richmond (sorry I forgot the name of the restaurant) that specializes in "crossing-bridge noodles" (過橋米綫 in Chinese). It was pretty good and we are definitely going back next time.


  1. the food looks super yummy!!!


  2. Yes, it was very delicious. Hubby had Laksa soup base and I had original fish soup base.

  3. Blue/Black look a great combination!


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