Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty In Pink & September Glymm Box Giveaway Winner...

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who entered the September Glymm Box Giveaway. I am excited to announce that the winner is Laura from OPI Addict. I have sent you an email regarding how to claim your prize. Please check your inbox.

So this is what I wore today. I have noticed a change in the weather the past week. The days are shorter and the weather is chillier. I basically lived in blazers all week long. Although I will miss the warm summer days, but I can't wait for fall to arrive.  I am looking forward to playing with layers, bundling up in scarfs, and wearing my favourite boots.

PS. These photos were taken by my little sister as I ran out of patience waiting for hubby to get home from work.

Blazer from Ebay | Aqua Top c/o 365 Hangers | Zara Jeans | Tory Burch Flats | F21 Necklace


  1. Thank you Winne! for your sweet comment and voting to me! Thank you so much!

    Same here,sometimes I lose patient to wait for my husband go home and take pictures,hehehe,,and most of time we just rush to take pictures and the result not as good as I wish.

    Anyway,you look so good in this pink blazer,and I like the way you've edited these pictures,I just can't figured that out how to do this way,hahaha...

  2. wow I love your blazer, it suits you so well! :)

    I guess I'm probably the only person in the world who is not looking forward to Fall. In my head I say I am, I think of pretty clothes to wear but then I think of how cold I feel and I immediatly decide I don't want it to come haha

  3. thanks for nice comment :)
    you look beautiful :) i love your blazer and jeans :)
    great photos !

  4. I know, it's gotten so much cooler this week. And while I love Fall I'm kind of annoyed at our shortened summer... grrr... Love your bright pink blazer :)

    xo, alison*elle

  5. such a pretty blazer and the pink makes the whole outfit pop! have a great labour day weekend hun!

  6. Love your latest outfit! the pop of colors are great! also love the top in this pictures ^^
    In Vancouver the winter and fall it's so nice, but here I just can't stop praying for the winter not come hehehe (and I'm not a who prays ><)

  7. i adore this hot pink blazer with jeans and ballet flats! xx

  8. That blazer is a fantastic colour!


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