Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blue Dress and Coral Statement Necklace

The weather was so stuffy and humid these couple days, it seems as if a storm is coming. I don't know how to dress other than donning myself into thin layers.

I am loving the pleated detail (although it's not very visible in the picture) and the ruffle hems of this dress. And the bright blue color is also very eye catching in real life. Lastly, I picked a coral statement necklace so that it adds a nice contrast to the blue hues of the outfit.

Oh, I think my hair is getting long and I am due for a hair cut next week. I've always had long hair for as long as I can remember; when I was going through the "shedding hair" stage 3 months after giving birth, it grossed me out to see tons of hair fell off every time I brushed my hair, and it was even more disgusting to see how much hair I lost after washing my hair. I seriously thought I was balding. A chop was really necessary at that point since a) I needed a easier-to-manage hair style and b) it seemed that I didn't shed as much with shorter hair (I know it's an illusion, but oh well). Now the question is, I am not sure if I should just go in for a trim and grow my hair long again, or should I cut it shorter again? Hubby prefers me in shorter hair since he thinks I look edgier. 

(ASOS Dress | Target Denim Shirt | Jeffrey Campbell Wedges | JCrew Necklace)


  1. You look so pretty, Winnie! :) I love the blue tones against the coral colour of your necklace!!
    I guess I feel a bit like you when weather's changing, I never know how to dress properly... right now it's almost October and yet it's hot here so I have no idea whether I should just wear t-shirts or go for a thing coat haha

    I love long hair (I have very long hair so I guess I'm biased on this!) but I think I'd have to see how you look with long hair to decide :) You look amazing the way you have your hair now so I'd say, keep it! ;)

    Answering your questions... I've created the blogroll by adding pictures with links attached :) Blogger has an option to add links, it's quite easy if you want something more simple ;) you can always collect buttons from your favourite blogs too! :)
    & yes, I've drawn the header. I actually drew the whole blog design, I'm so happy you like it :)


  2. I LOVE that J. Crew necklace. I want it! As for hair, I think you'd look great with one of those longer angle bobs. How long was your hair before?

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Oh, I just love that necklace and it looks wonderful with the blue dress!!

  4. I love your dress that color it's so awesome, and more awesome with that necklace!

    Pregnancy and life after that really sounds tough! I also most of my life had long hair and I regret cutting my hair so much hehe it's still kinda long but because of my curly hair it looks much shorter, can't wait to have my hair to look long again... hope you will chose what it's the best for you, you look pretty with your hair now and when it was shorter you looked great as well ^^

    and yep my bf it's Japanese we are such a weird combination hehe and I'm so addicted to Asian dramas , anime and manga><... as you said once you start with it you cannot stop lol ooh and colored tights will look great on you, like this post outfit you are great with colors ^^

  5. I just love that necklace and it looks wonderful with the blue dress!!



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