Saturday, July 9, 2011


I just got onto Google+ yesterday, woohoo. In case you haven't heard of it yet, Google+ is a new social network just like Facebook. The main feature of Google+ is "circles" which allows you to split your contacts into groups so you can specify the audiences of your posts.   It is also similar to twitter - it allows you to follow others without requiring approval (of course you can only see what they have shared with the public). 

From what I know, Google+ is still a closed beta. If you need an invite, just shoot me an email: winnie (at) shopchicescape (dot) com

I know I have been MIA for a while, but I haven't forgotten about this blog. My 6 months old is consuming most of my time right now. Ever since I introduced her solid foods, she showed a lack of interest in milk (often times she would just reject the whole bottle I give her). She has not been doing very good with her weight gain lately. I have been advised by the pediatrician to switch to a different brand of formula and to keep an close eye on her milk intakes. Long story short, we have scheduled to visit the pediatrician every 2 weeks. Kaitlyn's weight gain was normal last week (phew) and hopefully she will continue with her progress. Anyway, I promise I will have some outfit post very soon :)


  1. ooh I didn't know about google+ I'm very lazy when it come to facebook.. is it nice??

    Hope your daughter get used to drink milk again, Milk is so yummy!!

  2. @Rorro - I am still playing around Google+ but its interface is very much like facebook. You should try it out if you have time:) I am really hoping she will get used to drinking milk again, we are just taking it slowly right now. On a brighter side, she loves her solid foods :)


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