Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The most talked-about topic these days in Vancouver is definitely the Stanley Cup Final. Streets of Downtown Vancouver are filled with die-hard Canucks fans and hockey enthusiasts cheering for the nucks. I have never seen the city so hyped and vibrant before (other than during the 2010 Winter Olympics). The Canucks played extremely well this year and making it into the final means a lot to us Vancouverites. Although I don't follow hockey much, but as a Vancouverite, I gotta cheer for my home team! Boys, tonight is the night to show your skills and what you are capable of! Please make us proud. And Luongo, please step up your game. Let's bring home the cup!!!

The above picture is a good friend of mine standing on top of a sherman tank holding up a Canucks' flag declaring "war". Haha, this guy's got some guts! Love this photo.

Gotta love the hype in the city!


  1. OMG, so nervous for tonight's game! GO CANUCKS GO!!

  2. Goosh so many people!!!! looks like Vancouver is having a great time!!!

  3. Would you like to follow each other?:)x

  4. Such a shame that they lost, I was cheering for them too :(

  5. I'm so sad that they lost!! being from the west coast myself. sigh, next year!

  6. What a great spirit :D I hope one day I can visit vancouver too ;D Stumble upon your blog & Love your outfits :D



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