Monday, June 6, 2011

An Afternoon in the Park

We had the most gorgeous weather this weekend after weeks and weeks of rain and clouds. Signs of summer are finally showing and now I can bring out the sandals. We cannot pass up the opportunity to bring Kaitlyn out for a stroll in the park and soak up some vitamin D. And of course, mommy can always use this chance for another outfit shoot.

As I was editing the pictures, I realized how pale my legs are. Time to try some self-tanning products!

These gold Amrita Singh bangles are amazing. I normally don't wear bangles as they are always too big for me. But the good thing about these Amrita Singh bangles is they come in different sizes. And a size 6 is perfect for my tiny wrist. A side note though, I got these on sale for $28 USD. When DHL showed up at my door, I had to pay a brutal $14 CAD for duty and custom. Why are the taxes in Canada so outrageous? 

What is a better way to end this gorgeous day other than enjoying a delicious home cooked meal with your loved ones. Since hubby is a huge "carnivore", hence for all the meat dishes.

:: What I am Wearing ::
Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Aritzia
  Shoes: BCBG
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Accessories: Amrita Singh Bangles, Juicy Couture Bracelet


  1. @Alexandra-thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. Lovely outfit! I really like the red:) But I think is looks so much better on people with dark hair then blondes, so I never wear it..
    Love Änglamark.

  3. Love your blouse...that red is gorgeous. I have the same problem with pale legs...know your pain :)

  4. I love your outfit, its very classy! You're pretty as well!

  5. @Anglamark: thanks for your comment. I think red will look good on blondes too :)

    @Eric Marie: do you know any good self-tanning products that you can suggest to me?

    @Riya: thanks dear. You are so sweet

  6. You look so pretty!!! and the food looks Yummy as well hehe

  7. i love your skirt!!!!
    i use a similar in my blog!!!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, it's always so great to find other Vancouver bloggers!! Now follow you :)

    Amrita Singh makes the most gorgeous accessories... did you get yours from one of the recent Hautelook sales? I hate when you think you got a good deal and the stupid customs & duties ruins it all!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Beautiful clutch!
    I love the color :D

  10. @Rorro - that's so nice of you the leave me sweet comments all the time hehe :)

    @Lucia b.h. - I checked out your skirt, it is cute

    @alison*elle - I actually got it from Amrita Singh's website. They were running the Memorial Day sale

    @S and O - Thanks for your comment

  11. found your blog via TPF Alexander Wang section, you're gorgeous, love your photos, and great style!

  12. @Viv-thanks for your lovely comment :)

  13. lovely outfit and gorgeous photos! love red and tan together. xx

  14. Gorgeous look! I remember seeing you on Fab Sugar too. Congrats!


  15. You look great! I love the sandals. I am now following ;)


    Carmen Vogue

  16. Gorgeous outfit!! I love the classy look and your top is amazing. =)

    Lots of love,

  17. You have beautiful style and blog, lovely:D


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