Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jumpsuit, literally!

Today the hubs decided to be spontaneous and took me to bodyflight - simulated skydiving. It seemed fairly easy when the instructor went over the training with us. However, when it came my first round, I have to admit, it was not as easy as it seemed and I got a little bit scared as I was not able to control where I was going.  My second round was way better since I figured out how to maintain my posture. The staff who assisted my flying let go of me, and I was able to fly by myself for a few moment until I was unstable again and hit the wall.

In a "real" jumpsuit, getting ready for my first flight!
The hubs and I only signed up for 2 rounds, each being one minute in length. But it did feel longer than a minute when I was flying. My back ached so badly afterwards, I guess that's the result of not getting enough exercise on a regular basis. Bodyflight was such a good workout since you have to work really hard to maintain the flying posture. Overall, it was so much fun and we will do it again in the future. If you live in Vancouver, check out Fly Zone and give it a try, it is a great activity.

Vancouver, we have lift-off, woohoo.
Free flying!

As we were driving up to Fly Zone, we passed by this really cool background so the hubs snapped a few photos of my outfit for today. Here, I am wearing my own jumpsuit before donning the "real" jumpsuit.

(H&M Jumpsuit & Necklace, Toy Watch, TOMS Shoes, Ray Ban Sunglasses)


  1. omg it looks kinda scary and very fun in the same time!!! it must be such a great experience!!!
    And I say it again you look so great in the pictures!!!

  2. wow this looks so fun!! I want to try it! I am loving the jumpsuit and your gorgeous bob. I loved your last post too I once found a chanel pendant at a vintage store for ridiculously cheap so i know what you mean =)

    I am loving your blog & now following =)

  3. It seems you had a great time and a lot of fun! :D I'm not sure I'd be able to do it, it doesn't sound that easy ahah
    I love your jumpsuit and, most of all, your necklace!! Such a cool find (I never seen it ahah) :)

    thank you for stopping by my blog, dear! I'm really happy you like my drawings :)
    I couldn't see your following me so thanks for letting me know, I'm going to follow you back so I can keep a track on your posts! I'm also gonna try to find you on Lookbook since I just got an account there ahah :)

  4. thanks for the msg,im following u now :) come back anytime


  5. I have always wanted to do that! So cool!

  6. Ah, how cool! I've never heard of this... I can't wait to share this with my bf. Also, love the outfit pics :)

    xo, alison*elle

  7. the jumpsuit looks amazing on you <3
    and someday I wanna fly like you did xD

  8. funny and beautiful photos :)
    you're very pretty ! i want your jumpsuit ;)

  9. your jumpsuits is super gorgeous!

    would be a pleasure if you visit me on my blog!

  10. you look so chic. i love your black jumpsuit with red toms! i've always wanted to try simulated sky diving since i'm too chicken to do the real thing! xx

  11. you look so pretty sweety ;) and i love all of those photos
    anyway check mine if you have a chance dear :)

  12. I love your jumpsuit! you look good on it :D

    anyway, mind to visit and follow?

  13. Woah where is this??? I so want to try it!!


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